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Authentic Influence Workshop

  • Evangelische Bilduntstätte, Berlin Inselstraße 27/28 | 14129 Berlin-Schwanenwerder, Germany (map)

Join us for a new exciting event in beautiful Berlin!

Our team has created a three-day workshop where you can learn how to use emotional literacy and diversity literacy to influence meaningful change.

This workshop offers the opportunity to develop skills in interpersonal effectiveness through real-time interactions and feedback. It is experiential in nature. This is the first time it is being offered in Europe by two seasoned facilitators and practitioners. The course is a very popular elective at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Alumnae reported that that this course "made a significant difference in how I work with others, while improving my ability  to give and receive feedback.

A fundamental interpersonal skill is learning to ‘download our defensiveness’. By this we mean learning to keep our perceptual capacities (hearing, seeing, speech) inclusive and creative when confronted with ‘differences that are experienced as difficult’ (conflict). Research shows that when we are upset by conflicts and differences, emotional flooding (increased heart rate) is triggered and our hearing, sight, and capacity for creative problem solving becomes severely impaired. 

During the workshop participant´s Professional Practice involves working on their specific learning goals. Participants will receive candid feedback on their progress. Examples of potential learning goals are:

  • Communicate in a more congruent and authentic fashion.
  • Be able to better read and respond to basic emotions, in oneself and others, in a manner that promotes ongoing dialogue and problem solving.
  • Become more aware how personal flooding limits interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Practice techniques to self sooth personal flooding.
  • Practice techniques that co-sooth colleagues during difficult conversations.
  • Give and receive constructive feedback that increases learning.
  • Raise and resolve difficult interpersonal issues.
  • Appreciate and explore the influence of all forms of diversity and difference that exist in the group.

Fees: 400,00 Euro. Accomodation is not included in the fee.

Registration: Register via email at to receive an invoice for payment. Documents for pre-work will be sent after complete payment. Maximum number of participants is 12.

Facilitators: Scott Bristol, Ed.D and Michaela Bristol-Faulhammer, MAS, M.A.